Friday, January 9, 2015


Photo credit: @Renzo_Soprano

I think the above photo pretty much needs to have a short story written about it. Maybe a longer work, but it's one of those cool visuals that sometimes spark an idea or two. That's the beauty of inspiration, it's hard to know when it'll strike, but when it does, sometimes it's encompassing. 

I have a lot of ideas, some good and some that probably will never see the light of day. I used to write all my story ideas down in an app called Evernote. The intent was that I could capture the feeling and emotion of whatever the inspiration was at that moment. Sometimes it worked, I'd go back and read what I had put down days or weeks later, and be reminded of that initial spark. 

Other times, even though I had written down all the details I could think of so I'd remember it, the idea wouldn't hit me the same way again. Often times too I'd look at what I'd written and not be able to remember what I found so impactful about it. 

The ideas that stay with me are the ones that are tied into a raw emotion of a scene or character. If you've read my novella Ghost Box or read the chapter one excerpt that I put on my blog I can tell you that the first chapter I had in my head for awhile and it took a long time to execute that scene the way I wanted to. But the pull of it, the emotion of it, was what stayed in my head, long after other ideas faded away.

Maybe they weren't meant to be there anyway.